Magic Mac

One of the most important people in my judo life is the one and only, Mac. He is the best physical therapist I’ve ever met and believe me with my list of injuries, I’ve met quite a few. He is super competent in his field and also with judo. Most physical therapists don’t know what judo is and the kind of movement and actions that take place in the sport. I’ve even had one ask me if the injury corresponded with my kicking and punching side. Seriously? Shake my damn head.

I first met Mac in Samoa a couple of years ago at my very first World cup event. He had flown him and his wife, Beth, out to Samoa so that he could take care of our team. During that time, I was in a lot of pain from a pretty severe injury and he was able to tape me up so that I could fight. I won the bronze. Since then, he has been taking care of me and my injuries. Being able to trust your medical team is huge. I trust Mac with my life.

I went to go see him here in Colorado Springs where he resides to put me back together. Not that the sports medicine staff at the Olympic Training Center is bad, but as soon as Mac treated me, I felt a million times better. I felt a difference right away. It was like magic. He used a technique called trigger point dry needling, where he sticks acupuncture needles in the injured area to help release the muscles to reduce pain and promote healing. It’s painful when he hits the right spot of the injury, but it is definitely worth it.

Not only does he treat all of our injuries, he used to sponsor athletes that he believes have the potential or talent. He understands our (judo athletes) monetary situation and wants to help out in more ways than just injury treatment. He swore to me that he will not spend that much for the next four years for the Rio Olympics, but knowing Mac, I’m sure it will get to about that price. Mac sees my potential and he believes in me. He doesn’t focus on my  lack of medals and bad performances, but instead sees my talent. It’s great to have someone like him on my side.

Last but not least, Mac makes me want to be a physical therapist. I have been struggling with my future for a bit now with physical therapy as one of the options. I basically want Mac’s life. He takes care of injured athletes, helps a few of them monetarily, and travels all over the world to keep taking care of athletes and watch them compete. That sounds amazing to me.

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